Probation, Promotion & Tenure

The Committee is established pursuant to Section 33.2 of the CBUFA Collective Agreement: Composition: 33.2.1 The Committee comprises of two tenured faculty Members from each of the four Schools who shall be elected by the faculty Members at rank who are members of the bargaining unit and the Dean of Research and either one of the School Deans who holds a rank pursuant to this Agreement, selected by the Employer, or the Vice-President, Academic and Research.

School of Arts & Social Sciences
Assist. Prof. Joe Parish
Assoc. Prof. Sylvia Burrow

Shannon School of Business
Prof. Robert Cambpell
Assoc. Prof. Catherine Leviten-Reid

School of Science & Technology
Assoc. Prof. Godwin D’Cunha
Assoc. Prof. Tim Rawlings

School of Professional Studies
Assoc. Prof. Claudette Taylor
Assoc. Prof. Jane Lewis

Dean, Research
Tanya Brann-Barrett, PhD

Interim Vice President Academic (Provost) & Research
Richard MacKinnon, PhD