Parking issues — what if you want to park near an entrance to load/unload?

There have been some issues that have recently been brought to my attention involving faculty who park in areas close to an entrance so that they can unload materials.  In some instances, this has resulted in a ticket.  I have spoken to Donnie MacIsaac about how this matter could be resolved and he suggested the following process. If you have to park close to an entrance to make it easier to get boxes or equipment to your office, and you do not want to put money in the meter, please contact the commissionaire and let him know of your plans. Inform him where, the description of your car and how long you anticipate staying in that spot to unload your materials.  In that way, he will not ticket your car when he does his rounds.  Please note, however, that he will have no choice but to ticket your car if it is there well beyond the estimated amount of time, so if you encounter a delay or problem, please keep him informed.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Mary Keating