How do I apply for tuition waiver?

See Article 37 – tuition fee benefits. The tuition waiver for and scholarship application are both the one form.  In order to receive the benefit as a scholarship, the student must meet the average requirement. Whether it a waiver or scholarship, the tax benefit goes to the student and the T4 is issued to them; this year, because of the change in the taxation rules, we are not sure if they will be awarding the benefit as scholarship to eligible students, although we argued at the table that they should continue the practice, given the benefits to the university and the student: it counts in CBU’s reporting of total scholarship money awarded and it is a positive addition to the student’s resumé.  The application must be submitted by 30 June of the year of enrolment.  HR will have  copies of the application, but it is also on page 173 of the latest contract and so can be printed from the collective agreement copy on the CBUFA or Human Resources.