How do I apply for education leave?

Education leave is not a sabbatical and so has different procedures. The language can be found under article 32.4 – External Educational Assistance. For a leave of one academic year or 6 month leave beginning July 1st, application must be made to your School Dean (or Director of Library Services in the case of librarians) by September 1st of the previous year (that is, those applying for leave July 1, 2012 must apply September 1, 2011. If the leave is to start in January, the date for applying is February 1st of the previous year. The Dean or Director of Library Services shall respond no later than October 15th in the cases of a July 1st leave or no later than March 1st in the case of a January leave. Please note the types of leave supported (described in the contract). Typically, the Vice-President’s office will inform members when the applications for financial assistance related to the professional development described in this clause is available. That process is distinct from the application for leave; the application for funding is submitted to the Vice-President’s office under a different time-line (in recent years, the announcement on due dates for applying has been made in February or March).