When is the Teaching Release deadline?

According to our collective agreement:


  • Faculty requesting a teaching release under article (f) must make application for such prior to October 1 of the year preceding the year in which the request is being made.  E.g. a Member who is requesting a teaching release for the fall 2019 semester must make application for such by October 1, 2018.  The onus is on the Member to make application in a timely manner and the Member must provide reasons why the release is requested.
  • Such application shall be made to the School Dean, copied to the Department Chair.
  • By October 31, Deans will bring forward to the Vice President Academic requests for teaching release and the recommendation whether or not the request should be granted.
  • By November 15, the Vice-President Academic will consult with the President of CBUFA on all requests received.
  • By November 30, the Vice-President Academic will make a decision on whether or not the request is approved and will notify the Dean of that decision.