When is the Teaching Release deadline?

According to our collective agreement:   Faculty requesting a teaching release under article (f) must make application for such prior to October 1 of the year preceding the year in which the request is being made.  E.g. a Member who is requesting a teaching release for the fall 2019 […]

What important dates should I know about?

Deadlines for sabbatical, educational leave, and tenure applications, to name a few, for faculty, lab instructors, NPE’s and librarians. Faculty and librarians: If you are considering a sabbatical or professional leavefor July, then you must apply before the 1st of September. If you are considering sabbatical or professional leave for January,[…..]

How do I apply for tuition waiver?

See Article 37 – tuition fee benefits. The tuition waiver for and scholarship application are both the one form.  In order to receive the benefit as a scholarship, the student must meet the average requirement. Whether it a waiver or scholarship, the tax benefit goes to the student and the[…..]

How do I apply for education leave?

Education leave is not a sabbatical and so has different procedures. The language can be found under article 32.4 – External Educational Assistance. For a leave of one academic year or 6 month leave beginning July 1st, application must be made to your School Dean (or Director of Library Services[…..]

Parking issues — what if you want to park near an entrance to load/unload?

There have been some issues that have recently been brought to my attention involving faculty who park in areas close to an entrance so that they can unload materials.  In some instances, this has resulted in a ticket.  I have spoken to Donnie MacIsaac about how this matter could be[…..]