COVID-19 Information

Please visit the NS Gov Covid-19 page for the latest information

The CTL has created a great resources for moving courses online, Go to MyCBU > Department Resources > Centre for Teaching and Learning > Remote Teaching Resources.

Message from Calvin Howley, President of CBUFA:

Hello Everyone,

By now you have received emails from the administration with regards to the precautionary measures the University is taking in response to the COVID-19 virus. This is a unique situation and, in addition to health concerns, we expect there will be multiple concerns related to the disruption in our normal routine.

The measures announced today are in keeping with those taken by universities across the country. I have been in constant communication with the administration as it prepared the current measures to deal with COVID-19. CBUFA will continue to work with the administration.

Please rest assured that there will be no interruption in pay.

As the administration manages the current situation, it will be important to assess the measures undertaken, identifying and communicating questions and areas of concern. This is a role CBUFA can and should undertake. For questions related to academic matters associated with your specific teaching load, please consult your school Dean first. Other questions associated with COVID-19 or the measures put in place to deal with it, if not answered by your Dean, can be sent directly to me. I will collect these questions and communicate them to the administration. Likewise, if members have suggestions for how CBUFA can better respond to the current situation, please forward them as well.

The CBUFA Communication Committee has and will post resources to assist faculty with moving courses online to its Facebook page. Please continue to frequently check your email and monitor the Intranet for updated resources that can assist in this transition as well.

This is a rapidly evolving situation, and we will continue to communicate further measures, while continuing to advise members on existing measures, as quickly as possible.

As the University deals with COVID-19, the association will endeavor to not only watch out for the safety and wellbeing of the members of CBUFA, but of the entire CBU community.


Calvin Howley