What important dates should I know about?

Deadlines for sabbatical, educational leave, and tenure applications, to name a few, for faculty, lab instructors, NPE’s and librarians.

Faculty and librarians:

If you are considering a sabbatical or professional leave for July, then you must apply before the 1st of September. If you are considering sabbatical or professional leave for January, you must apply before February.
Eligible members:
Educational leaves have the same due dates for application as above. To be considered for a leave beginning July, you must apply before September 1. A January start date requires application before February 1.

Please see Article 35 of the collective agreement for details.

Tenure-track faculty with one year of service must submit their application for Review by October 1. Please see 33.16 of the collective agreement for details.

Tenure-track faculty who are up for Renewal or Tenure must make application by October first of this year. Please see article 33 for details regarding the process.

For promotion, deadline for submission of applications to Chair of the Committee, Department Chair, and notification to Dean must be by Oct. 1.

For Librarians, the following dates are important:

Initial Probationary Review

(a) Three (3) months prior to the end of the first year of the initial probationary appointment, the Director of Library Services shall notify the probationary Librarian of the Initial Probationary Review to be conducted by the Librarian’s Review Committee (‘LRC’). The LRC will schedule a review meeting which will occur during the first month of the second year of the initial probationary appointment referred to in Article 24.2.1. (b) One to two months prior to the end of the first year of the probationary period, the probationary Librarian shall submit the materials referred to in clause 34.3 (b) to 109 the Director of Library Services and the LRC..


(a) By September 15 of each year, the Director of Library Services shall ask, in writing, Librarians holding permanent appointments if they wish to apply for promotion to Librarian III or Librarian IV.

(b) By September 30 of each year, eligible Librarians holding permanent appointments may apply for promotion.

Please see Article 34 for details.

For lab instructors, the following dates are important:

Probationary Review

After completing two (2) terms of teaching, in either April or December, depending on the date of hire for the Lab Instructor, the bargaining unit members of the Department will conduct a review of the Lab Instructor’s progress.

Permanent Appointment

Two (2) months prior to the end of the probationary period (in either April or November depending on the end date of the probationary period), the bargaining unit Members in the relevant Department shall consider whether the Lab Instructor should be given a permanent appointment.

Application for promotion to Senior Lab Instructor has no specific due date.

Please see Article 25 for details.

Information for NPEs:

The dates for probation and permanent appointment are similar to those of lab instructors. Please see article 26 for details.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these procedures, please feel free to contact us.

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