Social Committee

The mission of the Social Committee is to develop, administer and supervise social, cultural, education and recreational activities. Debbie MacAulay, Administrative Assistant for CBUFA is responsible for arranging social events.

Finance Committee

Committee members include:

Derrick Hayes

Calvin Howley

Cyndie Glogowski

Tuma Young

Joint Benefits

The CBUFA representative on this committee is:

Karen Foss

Scholarship Committee

The Committee receives annual reports on the CBUFA Scholarship Fund and recommends the creation of, or increase in, bursaries and scholarships to the membership. Committee members include:

Lynn MacLean

Denise Forgeron

Mike Tanchak

Kathy MacIntosh

Marcia Ostashewski

Communication Committee

The Communication committee is responsible for promoting public awareness of membership activities. The committee consists of:

Sarah Farrow – Chair Andrew Reynolds Geoff Carre Peter MacIntyre

Ruby Ramji

Heather Sparling . . . → Read More: Communication Committee

Equity Committee

The goal of the CBUFA Equity Committee is to achieve a working environment which strives for inclusiveness as well as social and economic fairness through recognition, respect, accountability, responsibility and representation for marginalized groups who may be excluded from full participation in the academy. These groups include but are not limited to Indigenous peoples; women; . . . → Read More: Equity Committee

Membership Committee

Addresses issues related to new and newly-tenured faculty. Recommends activities to educate newly hired members on process, etc.

Committee members:

Amar Anwar

Princely Infinedo

Policy and Issues Committee


1. To promote awareness and communication within CBUFA concerning policies and issues of relevance to the membership – ranging from social justice and urgent actions to CAUT bulletins, Supreme Court decisions and equity issues updates. 2. To promote awareness and encourage action on issues of social justice and global citizenship. This could include a . . . → Read More: Policy and Issues Committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the carrying out of resolutions of the CBUFA and the general management of CBUFA affairs. They may create committees of or designate individuals from CBUFA members to carry out particular functions. They may create a Negotiating Committee from CBU members as the need arises. The committee consists of:

. . . → Read More: Executive Committee

Employer-Employee Relations Committee

A Collective Agreement committee whose mandate is to address issues related to the contract or not covered in the contract that are creating strains on the relationship. Members include:

Calvin Howley

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.


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