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Aboriginal Cultural Tourism: Cape Breton Island (Unama’ki, Land of the Fog)

image   What is the current status of Aboriginal cultural tourism nationwide, and how does this influence Cape Breton’s Mi’kmaq, and their desire to preserve -- and revive -- among the People, their own language and value system?

Falling for Niagara

image   After considering three centuries of paintings and travel narratives, both literary and scientific, Dr. Linda Revie has discovered a common reaction to tourists’ responses at Niagara Falls.

Fighting for Autonomy

image   Violence against women frequently ends or ruins women’s lives. Most women take some sort of precaution to prevent harm, such as not walking alone at night. What other sorts of actions do women avoid because of worries about physical or sexual assault? How does limiting action affect women’s freedom?

The Magician’s Ball

image   We know that humans are supposed to have evolved from apes, and land animals from fish, but what did the very first animals look like?

Seeing and Saying

Fairfield Porters painting Under the Elms, 1971 - 1972   In the 1950s and 60s, just after the Beat poets took the Big Apple, another creative Manhattan group ushered in an additional artistic renaissance. Like the Left Bank literati in Paris during the 1920s, the New York School Poets forged a style of writing based on theories of seeing, being, and painting.

The Mad, Bad Theatrical Side of Byron

image   Sex, decadence, revolution, and, of course, poetry. That in a nutshell is George Gordon, Lord Byron. Or is it?

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New life for old protest songs

A cache of 1920s protest songs unearthed by folklore professor Richard MacKinnon at Cape Breton University is being recorded by local musicians.

The Chronicle Herald, 19/04/2011

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CBU professor Martha Jones wins two awards

Jones has been awarded the individual 2010 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Award for Science Promotion and the 2010 Science Champion Award during the Discovery Awards for Science and Technology.

The Cape Breton Post, 5/12/2010

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Mine water experts explore future options

The Cape Breton claim of having established the first underground coal mine in North America made it the perfect fit for a recent gathering of mine water experts, says professor Christian Wolkersdorfer.

The Cape Breton Post , 14/09/2010

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